Water Treatment Companies

Join today as a water treatment company! Designed for small business owner water treaters, water treatment companies with 500 employees or fewer in a water treatment company division may join for company membership.

When you join as a company, both you and all employees will gain access to AWT benefits. Company owners also receive additional access to our exclusive business owner community.

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FAQ about the New WTC Category

Who can join this category of membership?
Water treatment companies with annual sales revenue greater than 30 million but have 500 or fewer employees in its water treatment division.

I am currently a sustaining member but now fall into this new range. What do I do?
Your membership will be converted back to WTC membership, and all benefits will be available. Communications from AWT staff will be forthcoming to the primary contact on the record. For questions about this, please email awt@awt.org.

What qualifies for the sustaining member category?
Sustaining membership is for those companies that join as WTC members but then outgrow the maximum for what the bylaws have defined. Now that the new maximum is 500 employees or fewer in a water treatment division, water treatment companies that grow beyond 500 employees will be offered sustaining membership. No company can join AWT outright that is larger than 500 employees or fewer in a water treatment division.

I work for a company that is above the 500-employee threshold and want to join. What do I do?
AWT has created a new individual membership category for those who wish to participate as a member. Please visit the individual membership page for more information.



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