Meet the 2020/2021 Board Of Directors

Michael Bourgeois

Michael Bourgeois, CWT
Chemco Products Company, Inc.

Michael Bourgeois first developed a life-long interest in water treatment nearly 30 years ago, while treating boilers and steam generators in the US Navy.  Michael started out his Navy career as a Boiler Technician, qualified to operate 1500 psig superheated steam plants.  He eventually finished his time in the Navy as a Submarine Officer, qualified to supervise the operation of a Nuclear Propulsion plant.  After leaving the Navy, Michael joined a large specialty chemical company and worked as a chemical sales and service representative in various areas in Northern and Southern California. During his career, Michael has had a variety of positions including Field Service Representative, Account Executive, Area Manager, and Technical Director. Michael joined Chemco Products Company as the Water/Wastewater Technical Director and now serves as the Regional Manager, Southern Region.  Michael earned his Bachelors in Physics from University of San Diego and holds the CWT (Certified Water Technologist) designation. Michael serves on a variety of AWT Committees including the Technical Committee, the Boiler Sub-Committee and the Certification Committee.


Matt Jensen

Matt Jensen, CWT
Global Water Technology, Inc.

Starting with a box of pipe pieces and a bucket of water in his dad’s workshop, Matt Jensen developed an early fascination with the use and movement of water. When Matt was growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, his appreciation of water flourished, and he spent much of his summer days sailing and fishing. In 2003, Matt graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, where he majored in analytical chemistry and minored in American history. During his final summer in college, he did an internship with BetzDearborn, where his interest in water treatment began. After a short time with Brenntag selling commodity chemicals to the food, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries, Matt went to work for Garratt Callahan selling primarily in the food and healthcare markets. He then went on to Watertech of America, Inc., where he began working as a territory manager and transitioned into the role of Director of Applied Technologies.  After 12 years with Watertech of America, Inc, Matt found his home with Global Water Technology, Inc. as the Vice President of Technology and Innovation. Matt earned his CWT in 2009, and is actively involved in both the Young Professionals Group and the Charity Task Force. He currently resides in Eaton, Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife, Courtney; their son, Will (11) and daughter, Sawyer (7); their dog, Bailey; and their chickens and ducks.


Steve Hallier

Steve Hallier, CWT
WET Solutions, Inc.

Steve Hallier earned a chemistry degree with a management minor from Eastern Illinois University in 1985. He immediately began his water treatment career with Nalco Chemical Co. under the tutelage of the great Matt Knight. Matt was very influential in Steve’s approach to the water treatment business, insisting he become a student of the business and pay special attention to the details. Steve went through the rigorous New Salesmen Training Program at Nalco. He says that he learned a great deal about water treatment through his servicing of the 56-megawatt cogeneration power house at the University of Missouri.

In 1994, Steve started WET, Inc. with his old partner, the late Mario Uy, servicing the greater Chicago area. In 2006, Steve and Mario closed WET, Inc., and Steve started WET Solutions, Inc., to which he transitioned all his business.

Steve has been a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) since 2004 and was the first active CWT in the state of Illinois. Steve was first introduced to AWT when he attended the convention in 1995 in Chicago. He is also a member of CTI, HESNI, and multiple trade associations.


Noah R. Baskin

Noah R. Baskin
Tower Water Management

Noah Baskin has worked in the water treatment industry for over 25 years and has been instrumental in taking Tower Water Management from a two-person organization at inception in 1992 to a company with over 45 employees spread out over four divisions today. A graduate of Rutgers University, Noah has worked professionally in all aspects of the water treatment field as he and his brother, Russell Baskin, built the company from the ground up. Noah lives with his wife and two daughters and dedicates time to participate in his kids’ extra-curricular activities. Noah’s commitment to the company has led him to join business groups such as TAB and EOS to further promote the company and encourage the growth and success of its employees. Through his efforts, the company, which serves the New York City market, has grown by double digit numbers year after year and has remained an industry leader in the water treatment, new construction pipe cleaning, glycol, and Legionella compliance trades.

Noah has been an AWT member and has attended conferences since 1995. He recognizes the value of the AWT and has sent numerous employees for training annually to help better their knowledge.


Thomas F. Brandvold

Immediate Past President
Thomas F. Brandvold, CWT
Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc.

Born into a water treatment family, Tom Brandvold's aquatic journey began in 1973, sweeping floors and making labels for his father's company, Branchemco, Inc., a charter member of AWT. By 1976, he was working after school and during summers running water and QC analyses in the company lab and was also involved in manufacturing. In 1979, he moved to the field, first as a service technician and eventually as a water treatment consultant. Tom worked his way through college, earning a bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in marketing, while building and caring for a portfolio of boiler and cooling clients. In 1986, after working in operations, sales and marketing, and accounting, Tom acquired the majority interest in Branchemco and re-launched it as Premier Water and Energy Technology, Inc. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Premier has been blessed to have grown to serve six states with innovative solutions to a wide array of water challenges. Tom, who became a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) in 1995, continues to serve as president of Premier and is a passionate advocate of our industry.


John Caloritis

John Caloritis, CWT
The Metro Group, Inc.

John Caloritis has worked in the water treatment industry since 1983, miraculously spending 37 years with one company. He earned a B.S. degree in chemistry in 1982 and, since joining the industry, recognized the essential connection between practiced technology and success versus competition. The first half of his career was devoted to growing the Metro Group (formerly Metropolitan Refining Company) customer base across multiple geographies and markets, holding various roles in local, regional, and national sales and business leadership. His love for water treatment helped John learn, build, and grow continously through conscientious customer service, but also through the school of hard knocks. He earned his CWT early, proudly holding certificate number 1-0028. In 2004, John shifted into the role of technical director, where he refocused on serving internal customers. In this capacity, he began to help people develop the skills, tools, and abilities they needed to professionally serve their clients.

AWT has always been part of the foundation. Without it, the Regionals would not have risen to such prominence. John always believed in the enormous value of AWT and the tools available to members. Several years ago, he began volunteering. He served on the Cooling Subcommittee, which he has now chaired for 2½ years. Together, that group churned out solid work—projects which they hope made a difference for our members. John also proudly served on the Legionella Task Force, which led to the AWT release of Legionella 2018 – A Position Statement and Guidance Document. Most recently, he served on assignment in developing ASSE 2020: Professional Qualifications Standard for Legionella Water Safety and Management Personnel. These experiences prepared John for this new role.


Mark J. Coldren

Mark J. Coldren, CWT
Water Treatment by Design

Mark Coldren has worked in the industrial water treatment industry for over 30 years. I cut my teeth with a large corporation. I then transitioned over to a family-owned and operated business. Mark’s last 11 years have been with Water Treatment by Design, a full-service water treatment company located in central Pennsylvania. Mark has been a CWT since 2008. He has attended every AWT conference for the last 20 years!

Mark graduated from Millersville University with a bachelor of science degree in biology and chemistry. When not working, he keeps busy raising his two beautiful five-year old twin girls. He also owns and operates a sprint car racing business, which is out on the road competing with Tony Stewart’s All-Stars. Mark’s racing background has helped his company in mechanical areas by focusing and thinking outside of the box. Everyone of the employees is connected to some type or form of auto racing!


Stephanie Keck

Stephanie Keck, CWT
International Chemtex Corp.

Stephanie Keck’s experience in water treatment began in 2000 as a chemist for International Chemtex, and over the course of her career, she has advanced to her current position as technical director. Her career path has included positions as the laboratory manager and technical services representative. Stephanie’s chemistry background, managerial history, and field experience have equipped her with valuable, comprehensive insight on multiple facets of the water treatment industry. In 2013, she became a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) and subsequently has participated on the Certification Committee. Stephanie and her family reside in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.


Fred Shurtz

Fred Shurtz
Precision Chemical

Fred Shurtz has been working in the water treatment business since 1988. His started his career as a sales representative with Nalco for six years and then as an account manager with Betz for nine years. In 2003, after working with these two major companies, Fred started Precision Chemical, based on the idea that a smaller, more customer-focused company would better serve the water treatment industry.

Currently, Precision Chemical has 15 employees and serves five states in the Midwest while continuously achieving annual progressive growth since the inception of Precision Chemical.

Fred is an active member of AWT and has been since initially attending his first AWT convention in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2003. Many of the current contacts and industry colleagues for Precision Chemical were developed from not only that first conference but also the subsequent conventions he attended.


Gary Garcia

Ex-officio Supplier Representative
Gary Garcia
Masters Company, Inc.

Garret Garcia became involved in water treatment as a young high school student, continuing through college working with MCI as well as a number of other local, regional and international water treatment companies MCI was affiliated with. Some of the many facets Garret worked on were laboratory testing, pilot formulations, field applications, method development, production blending and operations as well as several management responsibilities including Vice-President and Technical Director of MCI. After 15 years of working with MCI Garret and his family were afforded the opportunity to purchase MCI and have operated MCI for many years now. MCI joined AWT right after AWT’s original inception and we have been honored to be an advocate for AWT and to participate in AWT’s growth from just a few sitting at one table to the many hundred members AWT has today. Garret has had the honor of participating in a number of AWT committees including the Supplier Task Group, Cooling Water and Special Projects committees working with many other committee members as a team to accomplish projects on behalf of the AWT membership. Garret continues to serve as MCI’s Technical Director as well as its sister division Solid State Technologies.



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