Meet the 2023/2024 Board Of Directors


Noah R. Baskin

Noah R. Baskin
Tower Water Management

Noah Baskin has worked in the water treatment industry for over 25 years and has been instrumental in taking Tower Water Management from a two-person organization at inception in 1992 to a company with over 45 employees spread out over four divisions today. A graduate of Rutgers University, Noah has worked professionally in all aspects of the water treatment field as he and his brother, Russell Baskin, built the company from the ground up. Noah lives with his wife and two daughters and dedicates time to participate in his kids’ extra-curricular activities. Noah’s commitment to the company has led him to join business groups such as TAB and EOS to further promote the company and encourage the growth and success of its employees. Through his efforts, the company, which serves the New York City market, has grown by double digit numbers year after year and has remained an industry leader in the water treatment, new construction pipe cleaning, glycol, and Legionella compliance trades.

Noah has been an AWT member and has attended conferences since 1995. He recognizes the value of the AWT and has sent numerous employees for training annually to help better their knowledge.


John Caloritis

John Caloritis, CWT
The Metro Group, Inc.

John Caloritis has worked in the water treatment industry since 1983, miraculously spending 37 years with one company. He earned a B.S. degree in chemistry in 1982 and, since joining the industry, recognized the essential connection between practiced technology and success versus competition. The first half of his career was devoted to growing the Metro Group (formerly Metropolitan Refining Company) customer base across multiple geographies and markets, holding various roles in local, regional, and national sales and business leadership. His love for water treatment helped John learn, build, and grow continously through conscientious customer service, but also through the school of hard knocks. He earned his CWT early, proudly holding certificate number 1-0028. In 2004, John shifted into the role of technical director, where he refocused on serving internal customers. In this capacity, he began to help people develop the skills, tools, and abilities they needed to professionally serve their clients.

AWT has always been part of the foundation. Without it, the Regionals would not have risen to such prominence. John always believed in the enormous value of AWT and the tools available to members. Several years ago, he began volunteering. He served on the Cooling Subcommittee, which he has now chaired for 2½ years. Together, that group churned out solid work—projects which they hope made a difference for our members. John also proudly served on the Legionella Task Force, which led to the AWT release of Legionella 2018 – A Position Statement and Guidance Document. Most recently, he served on assignment in developing ASSE 2020: Professional Qualifications Standard for Legionella Water Safety and Management Personnel. These experiences prepared John for this new role.


Kyle Rossi

Kyle J. Rossi, CWT
Global Water Technology, Inc.

Kyle J. Rossi, CWT has dedicated 15 years of his life to the industrial water treatment industry and enjoys every aspect of his profession. Throughout his career, Kyle has worked as a service technician, outside salesman, business development manager, sales manager, general manager, and is currently the vice president of the Southwest region for his company Global Water Technology, Inc. Kyle enjoys sales, technical training, learning, growing, and building relationships with customers and other AWT members.

Kyle has been an integral part in the success of the companies that he has worked for, overseeing more than double year-after-year organic growth throughout his career. Kyle volunteers his time with AWT on multiple committees and numerous task forces, and currently serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary. Kyle felt honored to be recognized as the "CWT Spotlight" in the fall issue of AWT's Analyst magazine in 2018.

Kyle is a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) through the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and is ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI 12080 certified for Legionella Water Safety & Management. Kyle also holds a T1 Water Treatment Operator License (California) through the California State Water Resources Control Board, a Qualified Applicator License (QAL) (California) for pesticide/biocide applications through the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, and is a Water Treatment Specialist III (Texas) through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Kyle resides in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife Patty, his son Alexander, and his daughter Lily. Kyle’s dedication to his profession is outweighed by his focus on family time. Kyle’s free time is dedicated to his wife and two beautiful children, staying involved in the children’s sports and extracurricular activities.


Craig Bodenmiller

Craig Bodenmiller, CWT
Technical Resources Group

Craig graduated from the University of Toledo in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Following graduation he worked in law enforcement as a Patrol Officer for the City of Savannah (Georgia). After three years in Savannah, Craig and his wife Kella decided to move back to Ohio to join the family water treatment business as a water treatment technician. After 12 years in the water treatment industry, he is now the Chief Operations officer for Technical Resources Group. His experience includes potable water plant operations, industrial wastewater treatment operations, process/cooling water treatment, and biological wastewater treatment operations.

Craig has been a Certified Water Technologist since 2019. He is certified in the State of Ohio as a class 3 potable water treatment plant operator and is ASSE 12080 Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist Certified. He currently serves on the Certification and Wastewater Subcommittees.


Steve Hallier

Immediate Past President
Steve Hallier, CWT
WET Solutions, Inc.

Steve Hallier earned a chemistry degree with a management minor from Eastern Illinois University in 1985. He immediately began his water treatment career with Nalco Chemical Co. under the tutelage of the great Matt Knight. Matt was very influential in Steve’s approach to the water treatment business, insisting he become a student of the business and pay special attention to the details. Steve went through the rigorous New Salesmen Training Program at Nalco. He says that he learned a great deal about water treatment through his servicing of the 56-megawatt cogeneration power house at the University of Missouri.

In 1994, Steve started WET, Inc. with his old partner, the late Mario Uy, servicing the greater Chicago area. In 2006, Steve and Mario closed WET, Inc., and Steve started WET Solutions, Inc., to which he transitioned all his business.

Steve has been a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) since 2004 and was the first active CWT in the state of Illinois. Steve was first introduced to AWT when he attended the convention in 1995 in Chicago. He is also a member of CTI, HESNI, and multiple trade associations.


Tammy Faber

Tammy Faber, MBA
HOH Water Technology, Inc.

Tammy Faber has worked in the water treatment industry for 13 years.  However, her initial introduction to the industry started over 20 years ago, in the paper industry where she was a Senior Buyer for the Power and Utilities.  Tammy worked for FBS, Inc in Stafford, Texas  for 12 Years. During her years at FBS, she served as the Administrative Services Manager and was promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2015. She led the warehouse and customer service team and managed the finances of the company.  She also was responsible for marketing the companies marketing related to the MWBE Certification. In 2021, Tammy joined the HOH Water Technology Team, as the Sales Manager and moved from Texas to Illinois.

It was at FBS she became passionate about the water industry and began volunteering with AWT.  She has been actively involved with the Convention Committee for 3 years, as well as the Business Resource Committee.

Tammy earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in 2009 and her Masters of Business Administration in 2011 from LeTourneau University.  She was named on of the “Top 30 Influential Women in Houston” in 2018 for her leadership and contributions to the community. Tammy was also a volunteer with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ for over 11 years. She served as a Vice Chairman on both the Houston Metro Go Texan Committee and the School Art Auction Committee. 


Michelle Lunn

Michelle Lunn
GLA Water Consultants, Inc.

Michelle Lunn has officially worked in the water treatment industry for over 10 years, although unofficially she has been in the water treatment industry her entire life, as she was born into it. She is a second-generation employee at GLA Water Consultants, based outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She gained an early passion for water treatment, thanks to spending afternoons in the lab with her dad watching water “change colors” (now known to her as running analyses!), and where she also helped to keep the office running smoothly by chipping in doing various tasks after school. Michelle attended Pennsylvania State University, graduating with a degree in marketing and a minor in management. After she joined GLA full time, she took on the role of marketing director—working to help better promote GLA on a B2B basis through better branding and collateral and improved customer service. Her duties, however, expand beyond just marketing; when you work for a small family business, you learn to be a jack of all trades—master of some or many (depending on the day). Therefore, she also has experience in areas such as billing, collections, reporting, remediation work, and resource management, and even spends some time in the field servicing accounts. Since Michelle joined GLA full time, she has helped to improve operations by promoting more efficient systems and clearer communication across the company, and she continually advances her management role in the company by researching and learning more about the business operations side of running a water treatment company.

Michelle is ASSE 12080 Legionella certified and has been involved with AWT since her professional start in water treatment. Beyond aiding in enhancing the convention marketing displays during her dad’s presidential year, her own endeavors include creating AWT’s Young Professionals Group, chairing it, and growing it over 5+ years. She was also a member and co-chair of AWT’s Marketing Committee and a member of AWT’s Membership Committee. She currently is also the chair of AWT’s Charity Committee and helped to propel AWT’s partnership with Pure Water for the World (PWW) through various fundraising efforts and by raising member awareness. Her efforts with charity have now shifted to connecting AWT with other charitable partners as well as looking into possibly forming AWT’s own 501(c)(3) foundation.


Derrick Vandenberg

Derrick Vandenberg, CWT

Derrick began his water treatment career in 2002 and has served customers for Guardian Chemicals Inc. (Canada) for all these years as a Water Treatment Specialist and as Technical Director. Derrick earned his CWT in 2007 and B.Sc. in Chemistry in 1988. Married since 1987, Derrick is a father to 4 children, all living independently.

Derrick maintains a sales and service territory in Edmonton – home one of North America’s largest shopping malls, and just 26 hours drive straight north from Phoenix. Derrick has participated on several committees over the years, most recently serving a 3-year term as co-chair of the Cooling Water Subcommittee. With approximately 8 years to go to semi-retirement, Derrick looks at this board service as an opportunity to give back to the industry and association that has provided so well for his family and work life. In a senior role in his workplace, he wants to promote the AWT to junior members, both for membership benefits and in volunteering roles.


Greg Gehrke

Greg Gehrke


Pam Simmons

Ex-officio Supplier Representative
Pam Simmons
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Pam Simmons has been providing a creative point of view to the water treatment industry for over 25 years.  She entered the industry as a chemical sales representative.  During that time, she excelled in sales and quickly became one of the top sales representatives at her company.  This success propelled her into sales management where she became an outstanding sales trainer with both domestic and international associates.

Pam transitioned from chemical to feed and controller sales where she worked for Aquatrac Instruments/ProMinent Fluid controls for 17 years.  She held several positions while there, putting her creative skills to use in marketing, international product line management, sales, and sales management and was their Chemical Vendor/OEM National Sales Manager prior to joining Watson Marlow Fluid Technologies Group in September 2021. Her focus at Watson Marlow will be sales and business development for the chemical vendor and OEM markets.

Pam has been an active AWT volunteer for several years and is thankful to Trace Blackmore and Cindy Mitchell for encouraging her to get involved.  As an AWT volunteer, she served as Marketing Communications Committee Chair from 2010 to 2017 and has contributed to several task forces including chairing the Online Training Task Force that was instrumental in the development of the Introduction to Water Treatment modules. In 2008, she led the technology charge into the 21st Century with her convention presentation, “Webinars” where she introduced AWT members to the relatively unknown, innovative technology, that has now revolutionized how companies conduct business. As always, Pam was on the cutting edge of creatively solving problems. Her proudest contribution has been the design and editing of the corrosion coupon poster that has been published in two editions of The Analyst.



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