The Value of Certification

Certified Water Technologists (CWTs) pride themselves on making facilities as efficient as possible using the latest water treatment technology and techniques to save energy, and they have personally committed themselves to excellence in the water treatment industry. They are:

  • Experts with proven knowledge. They have passed a rigorous exam that covers all aspects of water treatment technology, and they must recertify every five years.
  • Experienced and reputable. They have been employed as a water treatment professional for a minimum of five years. And, they have all passed a thorough peer-review process.
  • Ethical and responsible. They have signed a 13-part Declaration of Ethics. Violations result in disciplinary action, including revocation of their certification status.



The Value to You

  • Proof of your knowledge and skills. As a CWT, you will have passed a rigorous exam that covers all aspects of water treatment technology.
  • Proof of your commitment to the industry. CWTs have to recertify every five years to maintain their certification.
  • Career Advancement. Having the CWT designation creates career advancement opportunities throughout the industry.


The Value to Water Treatment Companies

To be competitive, companies need every advantage possible to be successful. Having CWTs on staff will set your company apart.

  • Increased credibility. Having CWTs on staff helps your company's credibility. It shows clients that you employ skilled professionals who are knowledgeable on the latest water treatment procedures.
  • Marketing opportunities. Including information about your CWTs in your promotional materials helps you to stand out from your competition.
  • Motivational tool. Encouraging your employees to earn their certification empowers them to take on more responsibilities and advance their career.
  • Discounts on Liability Insurance. Some insurance companies recognize the CWT designation and provide discounts on liability insurance.

Become a CWT



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