Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

By sponsoring at the 2023 AWT Convention & Expo, the sponsor agrees to the following terms:

Use of Company Branding
By sponsoring at the 2023 AWT Annual Convention, the sponsor is giving AWT the right to use its logo and name for promotional efforts. There is only one Sponsor logo allowed per sponsorship. If a company is co-branding, they must purchase an additional sponsorship. The name/logo will appear across AWT platforms, including but not limited to the website, printed brochures, printed signs, and the conference app. Sponsor agrees to send AWT their logo and if necessary their branding package. Sponsor has the right to choose which logo will appear in each platform. The sponsor is encouraged to send AWT their branding guidelines if applicable.

Right of First Refusal
The Right of First Refusal period lasts for one month after the sponsorship packages are opened. During this month, the sponsor has the right to renew the sponsorship they had in the previous year. Sponsor understands that the exact pricing and sponsorship may change year over year, but the sponsor will be given the equivalent right of first refusal. If two sponsorships are combined and two sponsors have the right of first refusal, then none will be given and it will be first-come, first served.

All sponsorships are final and non-refundable. In the case that the AWT Convention is cancelled, the value of the sponsorship will move to the following year.

Promotional Material
Sponsors will be promoted with their name on the AWT website, their logo/listing on the Convention app, and if applicable, in the on-site printed notebook. Sponsors agrees to send AWT all of the information required for the listing, including logo and contact information. This must be done 10 weeks before the convention to ensure entry into printed material. If an exhibitor sends information in after the 10 week mark, there is no guarantee that their information will make the printed program. There are no refunds if this deadline is missed.