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AWT Student Education and Enhancement Development (SEED) Program

A Day in the Life ...

Casey Walton, B. ChE., CWT

Walton Technologies LLC

AWT Treasurer
Casey Walton, CWT, Walton Technologies LLC
Casey Walton has a B. S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine and 18 years experience in the chemical industry. Initially, Casey worked in the paper industry as a technical engineer for a large chemical company and managed wet end chemistry programs in the recycled linerboard industry. Casey's career in the water industry started in 1998, and co-founded Walton Technologies in 2001. Casey is a Certified Water Technologist, Certified Corrosion Technologist, and holds a Master Applicators license for Pesticides in the State of Maine. Casey is currently on the pre-treatment and CWT committees.

Q. What is your title?
A. Owner

Q. What degree were you working towards during your internship?
A. I was enrolled in Chemical Engineering program.

Q. What was your student classification when you were an intern?
A. I worked as a process engineer for a paper company.

Q. How did you learn about the internship program?
A. It was actively promoted by our college professors and the head of the chemical engineering school.

Q. Was this an internship in which you were paid?
A. This was a paid internship; however, I did earn credits towards my degree that I had to pay for.

Q. Did you receive any credit hours?
A. I think it was 4 credit hours, two for each session.

Q. What was your primary responsibility?
A. I was responsible for daily reporting, trouble shooting problems, along with some special project work.

Q. What expectations did you have going into the internship?
A. My hope was to get a better understanding of what a chemical engineer does. At the time that I enrolled in the co-op (internship) program I was unsure about my career path into engineering. After I completed the program I was very excited about becoming an engineer and became very focused in my school work. The program had a very positive impact on my career choice.

Q. What benefits did you derive from being an intern?
A. A better understanding of what an engineer does in an industrial situation. What type of job I might like. When I interned I was at one location the whole time but worked on many different things. I liked the variety and the new challenges that came with that variety so my career path has reflected that desire to work on new things.

Q. Do you feel that your experience provided you with a competitive edge when entering the job market?
A. Definitely. I was one of the first ones hired in my class and my co-op experience along with other similar (non-internship) work experience help me secure a job.

Q. During your internship was there any mentor that made a strong impact on your success, as an intern or in your current position?
A. The head of the process engineering department had worked a co-op/internship program and he was very helpful in giving my guidance.

Q. How do you think your work benefitted the company where you interned?
A. I worked on projects that helped lower overall fiber costs and help make the mill more efficient.

Q. As the owner of Walton Technologies have you or do you plan to employee interns at your company?
A. At this time it is not in our plans but as we continue to grow I do see it as an opportunity for potential water treatment professionals to see if this is a career path for them.