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AWT Student Education and Enhancement Development (SEED) Program

A Day in the Life ...

Scott Duda

Special Pathogens Laboratory

Q. What is your title?
A. Project Manager

Q. How long have you been in this position?
A. 4 months

Q. What services does Special Pathogens Laboratory provide?
A. Lab testing for waterborne pathogens, Legionella consultation

Q. What types of organizations do you serve?
A. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, apartment complexes, water treatment practitioners, facilities engineers

Q. What water treatment activities are in your normal workday?
A. Processing water samples for microbial analysis (Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, HPC, etc.), consultation regarding water treatment options for microbial control (copper-silver ionization, chlorine dioxide, thermal eradication, etc.)

Q. What "non-routine" activities are included in your job?
A. On-site environmental risk assessments for Legionella

Q. What is the extent of travel for your job?
A. Travel is required on a per-request basis. A customer may request water samples be collected by a lab representative, or request an on-site environmental risk assessment to determine possible reasons for Legionella colonization within their hot water distribution and generations system

Q. How did you learn about the water treatment field?
A. I specialized in water treatment in college (undergraduate and graduate).

Q. How did you get your first job in water treatment?
A. Dr. Janet Stout (my supervisor) was a committee member for my Masters thesis at the University of Pittsburgh.

Q. What barriers, if any, have you had to overcome in your work?
A. Becoming familiar with an expansive library of Legionella research in a relatively short span of time.

Q. Degree:
A. Bachelor's Degree: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Master's Degree: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Certifications: EIT

Q. Job training:
A. Training in microbiological processing of water samples for a variety of waterborne pathogens

Q. Advice for students:
A. Get started early, know what you want to do, begin making industry contacts as soon as possible