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AWT Student Education and Enhancement Development (SEED) Program

Water treatment professionals are in high demand. The earnings potential and job security provided in this field of work are just what you are looking for on graduation day. The skills you develop can help build a lifelong career in this industry and will easily transfer to other professions. To help you prepare for a career in water treatment, the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) created the Student Education and Enhancement Development (SEED) Program.

Middle and High School Students & Educators — Find Resources Designed for You

What is water treatment?

Industrial facilities require water treatment of various mechanical systems to control scale, corrosion, and microbiological fouling. Each facility has specific needs — engineering, chemistry, equipment, analytical testing, and training — all of which must be balanced by the water technology provider. Successful water treatment programs help extend equipment life, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce downtime.

What skills do I need for this industry?

Are you curious, analytical, love problem solving, and have a technical degree such as chemistry, engineering, biology, or environmental science? If so, you already have the stepping stones for entering the water treatment field. Watch this video to learn more about what skills are needed in this field:


How can the SEED program help me?

AWT's SEED program is FREE and provides you with access to resources that will help you prepare for a job in the water treatment industry.

  • Access to AWT's Internship Portal.
  • Complimentary registration to AWT's Annual Convention and Exposition.
  • Members Only online access to resources such as white papers; the webinar archives; the AWT listserv; and The Analyst, AWT's quarterly magazine.
  • Student rates for purchasing the print version of the Technical Reference and Training Manual (TR&TM).
  • Member pricing on all AWT products and services.

Learn about careers in water treatment from the professionals

Click the images below to read interviews from practicing water treatment professionals about their careers and how they got started. Also, watch this video to hear what some water treatment professionals like best about their jobs.

James McDonald, P.E., CWT
Senior Corporate Engineer
Chem-Aqua, Inc.
Chris Golden, CWT
Director, Business Development
Taylor Technologies, Inc.
Scott Duda
Project Manager
Special Pathogens Laboratory


Bernadette Combs, CWT, LEED AP
Industrial Water Engineering, Inc.
Casey Walton, B.ChE., CWT
Walton Technologies LLC