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Wednesday, September 7

Wastewater Recovery & Reuse Workshop
Peter Cartwright, P.E., Cartwright Consulting Co.

Although the total quantity of water on this planet has remained relatively constant for millions of years, the increasing population continues to degrade the quality of our water and impact the availability of water of acceptable quality for certain uses. One of the key approaches to obtaining water of sufficient quality is employing wastewater recovery and reuse: collecting wastewater from one application, treating it, and reusing it. Rainwater, graywater, seawater, and industrial and municipal wastewater all represent sources for reuse. This workshop identifies sources of wastewater supplies and describes appropriate treatment strategies required to meet the quality requirements for specific applications. Technologies are detailed as well as system design, installation, and operation. Several case histories are described. The workshop also addresses such applications as the treatment of municipal sewage to generate potable water ("Direct Potable Reuse").

Keynote Speaker, George Severence

Thursday, September 8

Unrivaled Trust and the Tenets of Leadership: Lessons From the
Modern Battlefield

George Severence, Retired U.S. Navy SEAL

George Severence will present on "Unrivaled Trust and the Tenets of Leadership: Lessons From the Modern Battlefield." From his earliest days, George dreamed of becoming a Navy SEAL, and after graduating from Arizona State University, he enlisted in the Navy to pursue his goal, graduating with BUD/S Class 213 and beginning a journey that would take him to the front lines of the War on Terror. Since September 11, 2001, he has led special operations teams on four continents as a team leader, platoon commander, troop commander, task unit commander, operations officer, and executive officer, deploying seven times and working with people from 20 different countries. Over his 19 years in Naval Special Warfare, he has risen from an enlisted SEAL specializing in communications and intelligence, to a junior officer leading assault and sniper teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, to a platoon commander practicing counterinsurgency in the southern Philippines, to a commander of a Special Operations Task Unit in the most Iranian-influenced section of southern Iraq throughout the tumultuous drawdown of U.S. forces. George recently completed his executive officer tour at Special Boat Team 12 and will retire in June 2016 after 20 years of service.

General Session

Thursday, September 8

Legionnaires' Disease: 40 Years Later
Claressa Lucas, Ph.D., Centers for Disease Control

In 1976 a new and deadly disease struck the American Legion convention in Philadelphia. Forty years later, this “Legionnaires’ disease” continues to make headlines with large outbreaks, sickening thousands and killing hundreds. In this session, learn how public health authorities detect and respond to outbreaks, as well as best practices for prevention. The speaker will describe the lessons learned from outbreak investigations and how this knowledge has been used to craft recent recommendations and regulations. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate common deficiencies in water system management and the responses needed to prevent disease associated with building water systems.

Education Committee Workshop

Friday, September 9

Biological Testing Methods for Cooling Water—Tests, Interpretation
and Reality

Bruce Ketrick Sr., CWT Guardian CSC
Jim C. Lukanich, CWT, U.S. Water Services, Inc.

This workshop is an educational presentation designed to explain what biological test methods are available for monitoring biological activity in water. These test methods are then reviewed so that the actual methodology, application, and proper interpretation of the test method results may be more fully understood.

Owners Roundtable*

Friday, September 9
AWT Benchmarking Industry Survey Results Revealed
Scott Hackworth, CPA, Industry Insights

Earlier this year, AWT conducted an industry benchmarking study, coordinated by Industry Insights. Scott Hackworth, CPA, vice president of Industry Insights, will present on the findings of the study and explain how to obtain the maximum benefit from the survey. This presentation will show how the information can be used to your advantage without needing to be a financial or statistical expert or requiring a substantial amount of analysis time. In addition, Scott will be available for ten 50-minute private one-on-one discussions to confidentially discuss a company’s performance and how they can understand and utilize the survey results.
*This session is for current and future business owners only.

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