Speaker Guidelines

  1. General Instructions
    1. TIME LIMITS: Plan your oral presentation to meet the time limits published on your Speaker Confirmation letter. In most cases, you will have 20 to 30 minutes for your presentation and 5 to 10 minutes for questions and answers.
    2. SLIDES: See instructions for slide presentations. For your convenience, a Speaker Ready Room will be available at the convention.
    3. AT THE SESSION: The session moderator will make introductions, including brief biographical descriptions of the presenters. The moderator will inform you when your speaking time has expired.

  2. Instructions for Papers and Presentations
    1. PAPER DUE DATE: All papers must be submitted by Friday, May 27. Papers should be emailed to mwisher@mgmtsol.com.
    2. PRESENTATION DUE DATE: All presentations are due by Friday, August 12. Presenters can email PowerPoint presentations to mwisher@mgmtsol.com.
    3. CONVENTION MATERIAL: As part of the registration fee, convention attendees will receive a complete program, which includes the papers and subsequent PowerPoint presentations from the presenters. Therefore, it is imperative that all participating speakers submit their materials by the above deadlines.

  3. Special Notes
    1. The Technical Committee will review all submitted papers and presentations. You may receive a call from the committee chair suggesting changes to your materials. Please respond to these suggestions accordingly. Both you and the convention will benefit as a result.
    2. We wish to emphasize that AWT discourages commercialism. You were selected because your presentation represents a development in new or continuing technology that we believe will be of interest to our attendees. Your cooperation is necessary in maintaining our high technical standards, particularly in terms of using generic product names rather than trade names.
    3. In the introduction to your paper, we suggest that you include any relevant background information or historical perspective relative to the material you are presenting. Also, including references is encouraged.

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