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Strategic Plan

At AWT we define ourselves by holding onto our values, while embracing the excitement of the future. With this in mind, in November 2018, the Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan to guide AWT. The plan reflects the collaborative efforts of the entire AWT community and the aspirations of that community for our great association.

AWT is focusing on four strategic outcomes.

  • Outcome 1: Training and Education: AWT’s membership heavily utilizes the premier business & technical resources for the water treatment industry, through technologically advanced delivery mechanisms.
  • Outcome 2: Member and Industry Advocate: AWT is the recognized advocate for the water treatment industry, including creating a workforce pipeline, and is known for its contributions by members, the public, and especially the younger generation.
  • Outcome 3: An Engaged Membership: AWT has increased its membership and is known for enhanced communication that encourages a diverse, engaged membership to continuously design a relevant association.
  • Outcome 4: Charity Focused on Water: AWT demonstrates its commitment to global clean water as “the first environmentalists” through its charitable pursuits related to water.