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Strategic Plan

In November 2015, the Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan to guide AWT into the future. The plan reflects the collaborative efforts of the entire AWT community and the aspirations of that community for our great association.

With this strategic plan, we intend to celebrate and continue our legacy of producing quality technical material. We will honor the innovation and creativity of our small to mid-sized company members and their entrepreneurial approaches by developing more business resources. We will be an advocate for the industry; engaging all members to ensure we are the voice of the water treatment industry. We will develop a charitable side of AWT to create another avenue for members to help conserve the precious resource of water.

In moving the strategic plan forward, we will develop web-based, on-demand technical training. We will expand our affinity programs to increase the business-related discounts for members. We will proactively educate our audiences about our industry. We will support the excellence of our members and the dedication of the volunteers that characterize AWT.

We hope you will share our excitement for the AWT strategic plan and that you will join us as we begin to implement that plan. This is an exciting time in our history, and an opportunity to engage the entire AWT community in building the future for this remarkable association.


Water treatment companies and suppliers view their membership in AWT as an investment in their company's success. From the educational information you receive, to the business contacts you make, to the discount programs that help you save money, every AWT member benefit helps you grow your business.

  1. AWT is the premier water technical resource for members and the industry.
  2. AWT is the premier business resource for members and the industry.
  3. AWT is the recognized advocate for the water treatment industry and is known for its contributions by members, the public, and especially the younger generation.
  4. Charity and social connectivity, focused on water, is integral to AWT.