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AWT in Haiti – Day 2

AWT President-Elect Marc Vermeulen collects samples from the spring in Trianon.

The AWT duo of President-Elect Marc Vermeulen, CWT, and Jason St. Cyr, CWT, was hard at work again yesterday with Pure Water for the World (PWW). To read about their first day, check out this post. AWT’s charity partner, PWW not only installs water filters in underserved communities, but it also follows-up with monitoring trips with the recipient families. This ongoing service is what the AWT team was able to experience yesterday in Trianon, Haiti.

A rural community about one and a half hours from Port-au-Prince, Trianon’s primary water sources are rainwater and a spring that is situated at the end of a 15-minute hike on the bottom of a steep, rocky hill. Families who do not have access to rainwater harvesting tanks must collect all of their water in buckets from the spring. During this visit, Marc and Jason helped pull water from the spring source as well as the exit spout and perform tests in the field as well as in the lab back at the PWW office.

Marc and Jason perform field testing at a local school.

The AWT team also had the opportunity to participate in a monitoring visit and meet with a family of seven that uses one of the biosand filters. The family reports that since the filter has been installed, their five children no longer have diarrhea or intestinal distress, something they have struggled with before. Marc and Jason also gathered samples from this filter to test for the overall effectiveness of eliminating pathogens.

While in the field, they were able to perform initial water testing, and they hope to learn the results after the incubation period tomorrow.

Jason testing one of the samples taken from biosand filtered water onsite.

Stay tuned for more updates. Marc and Jason head back to Trianon tomorrow to help with filter installations for more families.

Want to see a PWW biosand filter in person? Want to hear details about Marc and Jason’s trip? Want to learn how you can become involved? Be sure to visit the PWW booth (#338) in the exhibit hall at the AWT annual convention in Grand Rapids. A working biosand filter will be on display, and the PWW team will be happy to answer any of your questions. Also, on Friday September 15 at 2:00 pm, Marc and Jason will be presenting their experience and discuss how AWT can have a profound charitable impact. For more details or to register for the conference, visit the AWT website.