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Legislative/Regulatory Committee

The Legislative/Regulatory Committee monitors legislative and regulatory activities of interest to the water treatment industry. The committee evaluates proposed regulations and legislation for their impact on AWT members and makes recommendations for the public policy positions of AWT. In addition, the committee keeps AWT members informed of relevant legislation via the monthly publication, Legislative Update.

Committee Co-Chairs
Earl E. Martens, Moorefield Group, Inc.
Eric Fraser, CWT, Kansas Water Technologies

Committee Projects

Legislative Resource

  • Maintain a list of improvements for the next safety training video
  • Develop resources on the OSHA Revised Standard.
  • Conduct a cooling Discharge Survey.

Regulatory Overview

  • Update Overview as necessary.
  • Create a webinar on how to use the document.

Legislative Update

  • Send bi-monthly.

Legislative Training

  • Explore with Education Committee.

Resource Documents