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About the Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year and the Supplier of the Year Awards

Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Award Recipient

The Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Award, recognizing "outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to the field of water treatment," will be awarded at the Annual Reception and Awards Dinner held during the Annual Convention.

The award is named after Ray Baum, one of AWT's founders. Baum viewed the association as a nurturing support network for small and medium-sized companies, with the goal of providing knowledge and activities to allow these companies to grow and compete in the worldwide marketplace. He was committed to the industry whose growth he helped build throughout his career. The recipient should exemplify these characteristics.

Past Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Recipients

2018 – Chris D. Golden, CWT
2017 – Robert J. Ferguson
2016 – Jack Walker, CWT
2015 – James Scott, CWT
2014 - Allan R. Bassett, CWT
2013 - James McDonald, PE, CWT
2012 - Joseph M. Hannigan, CWT
2011 - Cindy Mitchell, CWT
2010 - Jack Soost, CWT
2009 - Jay Farmerie, CWT
2008 - Jim Lukanich, CWT
2007 - Richard L. Tassone
2006 - Bruce T. Ketrick Sr., CWT
2005 - William E. Pearson II, CWT
2004 - Colin Frayne, CWT

2003 - Richard T. Blake, CWT
2002 - Zahid Amjad, Ph.D.
2001 - Bennett Boffardi, Ph.D.
2000 - Arthur J. Freedman, Ph.D.
1999 - Janet E. Stout, Ph.D.
1998 - Brent W. Chettle, CWT
1997 - Jessie Jefferies
1996 - John J. Baum, CWT
1995 - E.J. Caruso
1994 - Dennis Clayton
1993 - Ronald Knestaut
1992 - Robert R. Cavano
1991 - D.C. "Chuck" Brandvold, CWT


Supplier of the Year Award Recipient

The Supplier of the Year will once again be recognized at the Annual Reception and Awards Dinner in conjunction with the Annual Convention. This award recognizes a supplier who is an integral part of the water technology industry.

As distributors and manufacturers serving and supporting the water technology industry, suppliers provide a variety of water treatment products, chemicals, and equipment; many are also active in research and development and the introduction of special applications. AWT is looking for a supplier who not only provides great customer service and a quality product, but also is especially dedicated to the business needs and goals of the water technology professional.

Past Supplier of the Year Recipients

2018 – Radical Polymers
2017 – McGowan Insurance Group, Inc.
2016 – QualiChem, Inc.
2015 – Scranton Associates, Inc.
2014 – Masters Company, Inc.
2013 – Taylor Technologies, Inc.
2012 – French Creek Software, Inc.

2011 – Lakewood Instruments LLC
2010 – Aqua Phoenix Scientific Inc.
2009 – AMSA, Inc.
2008 – Houghton Chemical Corporation
2007 – Water Color Management, Inc.
2006 – Advantage Controls, Inc.
2005 – ZIBEX, Inc